Established in 1984, the highly successful Hogares Claret Foundation was founded by Father Gabriel Mejia, who pioneered the world’s first Therapeutic Community drug rehabilitation program based in consciousness.

Every year thousands of street children in Colombia, known as “The Disposable Ones,” willingly choose to participate in the Hogares Claret therapeutic program to free themselves from the shackles of drug addiction and secure a brighter future. With over 50 centers in Colombia, Hogares Claret has helped over 60,000 people.

We were searching for something to bring our children out of their suffering. Creating these communities was our first decision, which we based on the fact that everyone has the capacity to be born and reborn continually. A child who has a deep and painful wound can only be healed with love.
— Father Gabriel Mejia

Father Gabriel’s work has been widely recognized, including an award from the World Federation of Therapeutic Communities and an award from the Queen of Spain for his humanitarian work. He has also served as president of the Latin American Federation of Therapeutic Communities and was named “the Saint of Colombia” by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

Hogares Claret Foundation has adapted the traditional Therapeutic Community Model to suit the needs of their clientele in Latin America. Likewise, we will be adapting the traditional Therapeutic Community model to suit the needs of our clientele in the USA and throughout the world.