Some of our program features:



Established in 1984, the highly successful Hogares Claret Foundation was founded by Father Gabriel Mejia, who pioneered the world’s first Therapeutic Community drug rehabilitation program based in consciousness.


Youth suffering in situations of crisis situations often feel alienated from family, friends, and society at large. Our program serves to re-establish the much needed experience of healthy family values, connection, trust, and safety.


Consciousness Therapy is our core “healing begins within” component. With the help of natural, scientifically validated meditation techniques, we can access and enliven this field of consciousness for our own recovery and healing.


All of the staff at our facilities have a deep understanding of trauma and its impact on developmental issues. This provides the perspective and framework for all that they do to address the mental health of children, teenagers and young adults who have experienced traumatic stress and drug abuse.


Our greatest gifts can come from our deepest wounds. Innovation labs is a space where our residents can express their own internal transformation and begin their emergence into the global community through project-based learning.

Renewable Tech Campus

The unique and cutting-edge campus environment itself is designed to become a living, breathing teaching center, where the simple daily tasks and interactions on campus instill a sense of care, responsibility, and stewardship within oneself, for one’s immediate environment, and the earth upon which we live.