Youth suffering in crisis situations often feel alienated from family, friends and society at large. Our program serves to re-establish the much needed experience of healthy family values, connection, trust and safety, providing each individual with a structured and nurturing environment that can facilitate deep recovery.

Our program is essentially a unifying, family-healing model. The family structure is embodied by our highly selective staff, who have been through the recovery process themselves and have attained not only the necessary professional skills but also compassion, wisdom and understanding to guide each individual on their journey of recovery.

Each teenager and young adult is given the necessary time, attention, understanding and support to facilitate a return to a healthy emotional state founded upon self acceptance, self respect and self love. From this new foundation of connection and love, a child naturally thrives, becoming more of themselves day by day.

Pam Leo describes in her book, “Connection Parenting”, the need for children to have a stable source of consistent love and connection from at least one adult for them to grow in a healthy and balanced way in which they can thrive. This is the life-current within our model. It is the DNA, the transformational component that is essential to each individual’s personal recovery process, and it is what makes our rehabilitation model so deeply effective.

“Meeting children’s emotional needs create and maintains the essential bond they need to thrive. The bond is a child’s consistent, loving connection with at least one other person. Studies show that many infants and young children, in orphanages, whose physical needs were met, “failed to thrive”, or even died from lack of touch, attention, and connection.”
— Pam Leo