Our greatest gifts can come from our deepest wounds. Innovation Labs is a space where our residents can express their own internal transformation and begin their emergence into the global community through project-based learning. This aspect of the therapeutic program ensures our youth discover and enliven their own individual passions, creativity and purpose, preparing them for a successful life after rehabilitation.

Innovation Labs engage, challenge, and empower residents through learning new knowledge and skills that bring together experts from many diverse fields. We offer unique courses taught on a block system (one subject every two weeks), allowing students to dive deep into the experience and knowledge of each disciplinary field.


Within our model, individuals will be supported both educationally and professionally, equipped with the personal skills needed to feel truly good about themselves and their contribution to our world post rehabilitation.

Two-week block courses include: Bio Dynamic Gardening, Self Discovery through Story Telling, Intro to Blockchain Technology and Digital Currencies, Ayurvedic Health and Wellbeing, Wilderness Therapy, Communication and Leadership, Yoga, Martial Arts, Poetry, Photography, Financial Management and Renewable Energy.