Every aspect of the program is geared to facilitate a process of self-recovery and self-development — leading traumatized youth from a state of abuse, alienation and exploitation to deep self-knowing, connection, empowerment and freedom. This is achieved through our unique program that equips each resident with the inner and outer support, resources, tools and techniques needed to access one’s own inner life and heal from the inside out.

Our model utilizes a revolutionary approach that awakens each individual’s self healing. Each one of us has our own source of healing within — a field of pure consciousness that sustains, maintains and nourishes us and our worldly life. With the help of natural, scientifically validated meditation techniques, we can access, enliven and utilize this field of consciousness for our own recovery and healing. 

Our model restores health, dignity and freedom, providing each resident with the inner and outer resources to recover and thrive.

Our program is intentionally designed to treat the whole person (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually) from the inside out, facilitating a return to optimal health and well-being where one can thrive, unfold their inherent gifts, and inspire a life of success and achievement beyond recovery.

Working with each participant to design a customized program for effective rehabilitation, our highly trained team of health care professionals provides a variety of therapeutic services to meet each individual’s needs. Our unique approach incorporates many elements designed to help guide each individual on their path to recovery. 

Some of the key components include: Neurological Care, Consciousness Therapy, Innovation Labs, Therapeutic Community, Ayurvedic Daily Routine, Nutritional Psychiatry, Separate Facilities for young women and men, and a Trauma Informed Approach.

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The building blocks of our healing curriculum