Restoring a healthy relationship with oneself is the primary focus throughout our program. A natural extension of that is restoring a healthy relationship with our environment and the earth. Learning practical new skills is a critical element of our daily therapeutic framework, thus each campus combines natural agricultural methods with science to teach completely renewable techniques, such as growing and harvesting fruit and vegetables according to the seasons, and harvesting energy from the sun, wind and water. 

The unique and cutting-edge campus environment itself is designed to become a living, breathing teaching center, where the simple daily tasks and interactions on campus instill a sense of care, responsibility, and stewardship within oneself, for one’s immediate environment, and the earth upon which we live. Each campus is as much a part of the therapeutic and educational process as the various programs themselves.


For example, residents will learn to grow their own food in our permaculture garden, providing multi-faceted spiritual, therapeutic, and practical benefits — from growth of character to improved self-confidence to an enhanced relationship with one’s own body and nature itself — as students learn to become stewards of the soil and nurture vegetables from seed to table.

Additionally, residents will gain practical business, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills in learning how to manage the various elements of the agricultural project, including marketing the products off campus, and learning to manage their own financial income, thus forming the foundation for professional success in life after graduation. 

Working with leaders in the field to employ the latest technologies from the renewable energy sector, each one of our facilities strives to be as sustainable and “off the grid” as possible. Residents will gain practical hands-on experience with many aspects of sustainable living, including solar panels, and wind and water turbines, as well as permaculture, soil ecology, practical farm management skills, integrative pest management, and biodynamic agriculture.