Brooke Hadfield

Founder & CEO

Brooke founded the Magdalena Foundation to provide a unique and holistic system of healing for the children and youth of our world, an approach where within each child the seeds of addiction, trauma and abuse are transformed into freedom, empowerment and success.

Her passion for supporting people to heal and build better lives stems from her own personal experience of drug addiction, where at the age of 17 she went in search of a holistic & comprehensive drug rehabilitation program that would lead her to full recovery. Unable to find an ideal program, Brooke developed her own full time, self recovery model that utilized technologies of consciousness, as well as holistic and traditional healing modalities.

The success of her self designed program was so powerful that it ignited a vision and mission deep within her heart of offering this rehabilitation program to all children and youth worldwide. Since then, Brooke has tailored her education and work experiences for the purpose of fulfilling her vision and mission, now being brought to life through Magdalena Foundation.

In her own words, “Our unique recovery model prompts a very personal revolution, a metamorphosis where new realms of possibility are forged. This is the deep and delicate inner transformation that our approach facilitates within each individual, where inner change gives rise to outer change, giving one the chance to develop into a thriving individual who lives with purpose and dignity within our collective humanity.”

Brooke is based in Colorado, USA. She received her BA in Consciousness-Based Leadership from Maharishi University of Management, USA.