Our program is a truly integrated healing approach within the framework of the Therapeutic Community (TC) experience — providing professional healthcare services alongside effective eastern and holistic-based practices in a safe, empowering environment.

Our model is founded upon the traditional in-residence TC treatment approach, which has been used throughout the world for many years in various settings, such as drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation. TC’s are known for their recovery orientation focused on the whole person and overall lifestyle changes, as well as a highly structured daily regimen.

Overall, studies find that TC participants show improvements in substance abuse, criminal behavior, and mental health symptoms; this is especially true of participants who enter treatment with the most severe problems.  (De Leon, 2010; Vanderplasschen et al., 2013). (Source: Hubbard et al., 2003) 

The length of time in treatment was found to be important for TC’s, as well as for other modalities. Participating for one year was associated with better outcomes, a finding that is consistent with other research showing the importance of treatment duration. For this reason our program length time is one year with the option to extend.

Our unique program aims to preserve the effectiveness of the original TC model by maintaining the program’s best and most successful practices, while implementing additional critical components designed to help powerfully enhance overall effectiveness and efficiency of the rehabilitation program.