The Magdalena Foundation is dedicated to restoring young lives through our highly innovative drug rehabilitation program based in consciousness, supporting youth in crisis to heal from the inside out.


Our mission is to provide our holistic, in-residence rehabilitation program for children, teenagers and young adults affected by drug addiction throughout the world.

There is a lot to unravel when healing from a life of trauma, exploitation and abuse. Recovery is a complex process that must address the multilayered damage caused by trauma and addiction, while simultaneously rebuilding physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health and wellbeing.

The Foundation’s unique program strives to take the care and rehabilitation of youth to the next level with a revolutionary approach that combines powerful eastern practices and scientifically proven holistic methods with western medicine’s most successful treatments. Thus, the entire program is truly holistic, educational and restorative – transforming one’s life from the inside out.

Each resident is equipped with the inner and outer support, resources, tools and techniques needed to facilitate a return to optimal health and wellbeing where one can thrive, unfold their inherent gifts, and inspire a life of success and achievement beyond recovery.

Powerful eastern practices combined with scientifically validated holistic methods & western medicine’s most successful treatments, allow a person to rebuild physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health & wellbeing.
— Brooke Hadfield, Founder